Tllid is a platform business, facilitating trusted relationships between families (“Customers”) with the best nannies (“Providers”). Providers use Tllid to empower the Customers’ lives by bringing trusted care to them and in turn Customers empower Providers’ lives by enabling them with meaningful employment with dignity and respect.


At Tllid, we pride ourselves on working with Customers who uphold our values, especially, when working with Providers caring for their children. 


Following this code will enable all Customers on Tllid to build trust and reputation with the Providers, attracting the best Providers for their child(ren).


At Tllid, we expect our Customers to:

  • Care for Lives,

  • Build Trust, 

  • Innovate Solutions, and

  • Empower People.


To do this well, you follow these tenets at all times:

  • Empathy: You empathise with your Provider, reading and responding appropriately to their personal circumstances.

  • Integrity: You act honestly and honourably at all times, even when no one’s watching.

  • Respect: You practice discretion, show consideration for the time, space and privacy of others and treat the Providers with due respect.

  • Communication: You communicate regularly, clearly and productively and actively and you try to avoid any miscommunications and misunderstandings with your Provider.


If you have any questions, never hesitate to drop us an email at