Rishu Srivastava is our Chief Executive Officer, but more importantly, she’s also the Chief Parenting Officer. 


Rishu became a mother to Kiara, a one-year-old, little angel just before COVID-19. During her maternity, while she was away from the hustle and bustle of corporate life, she immersed herself into caring for her daughter. This made her acknowledge the immense joys and difficulties of caring for children. And she realised, first hand, how difficult it can be to find trusted childcare. While Rishu got lucky and found the perfect nanny, she knew other parents weren’t as lucky as her. 


After speaking to some of these parents, Rishu realised that most parents struggled with their search for a childcarer. And all of them said the same thing: the process was missing something as fundamental as Trust. 


All they wanted was a nanny who could be trusted and relied upon, someone who was understanding of them as parents, and their child(ren). A search as crucial as this should not be left to ‘fate’!! 

This is when she had an epiphany! 


When Kiara slept or enjoyed the company of her wonderful nanny, or Nann as she’s fondly called, Rishu reflected upon the troubles all parents faced. She put all her hats on - a mother, a business leader, a techie, a strategist, an innovator - to design a solution that empowers parents by making trusted, afforded child care easily available for all. It was clear to her that, for this solution to work, the highest levels of ‘Trust’ had to be embedded in every step. - This is how Tllid was born.


Before starting Tllid, Rishu led a Business Unit for a multinational Technology company for over 15 years, across the UK, Europe and India. That is where she learned the fundamentals of building Platform ecosystems for B2B2X models. She holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from the prestigious Saïd Business School, Oxford University.