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10 traits of ‘The Perfect Nanny’

1. Appreciation of children

The Perfect Nanny loves being around children and passionately attends to their needs and interests. Taking care of children gives them a sense of fulfilment beyond just financial gains.

2. Enthusiasm

The Perfect Nanny is motivated to achieve positive results in terms of the early development of the child. They have a strong sense of passion for their work; giving parents and children the impression that they love their work.

3. Empathy

The Perfect Nanny can put herself in the shoes of the child and understand their needs and act accordingly. They make a genuine effort to empathize with children that puts them in a better position to approach children in a manner that is productive to their relationship and their care.

4. Nurturing

The Perfect Nanny can to connect with the child on a deep level; and nurtures a safe and loving relationship with the child. They encourage, coach, and otherwise help bring out the best in children.

5. Educative and Play skills

The Perfect Nanny uses their imagination and creativity in coming up with educational and play activities that help in the early development of children. They understand that their time with children is an opportunity to build rapport as well as teach them important skills.

6. Integrity

The Perfect Nanny is honest and has high moral character. They conduct themselves responsibly and understand that their actions can put their reputation and/or the safety of children at risk.

7. Respect

The Perfect Nanny is respectful towards the child and the parents and their personal space. They practice discretion and avoid prying into others' business.

8. Safety

The Perfect Nanny is always mindful of safety and hygiene aspects of her work. They ensure that the safety and well-being of a child or the family are never compromised. They are resolute in practising safety procedures and often guide parents on these as well.

9. Communication

The Perfect Nanny has excellent communication skills; they periodically share important information concerning the child with the parents. They understand that this is vital in ensuring high-quality childcare. They communicate clearly and actively try to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding.

10. Organization

The Perfect Nanny can stay organized and in control, even when it gets quite busy. They’re able to keep track of multiple tasks, duties, and information when caring for children.

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