April 2022: Letter from the CEO - The story of Tllid

I am the Chief Executive Officer of Tllid and this is my story.

I gave birth to Kiara, a little angel just before COVID-19 hit the world. During my maternity period, whilst away from the chaos of my corporate life, I fully immersed myself in caring for Kiara and ensuring the best support was available to her in her early years. This made me acknowledge the immense joys and difficulties of caring for children, esp. newborns.

I realised how difficult and complex it can be to find the right childcare - whether it be the carers such as nannies, parenting and childcare experts, or children’s activity providers. There is way too much information out there, and the entire industry is far too expensive, fragmented, and time-consuming.

I spoke to several parents on a similar journey, and I realised that they struggled with this as well. All of them said the same thing: the process was missing something as fundamental as trust.

Parents were just looking for one source of information and support that they could trust and rely upon. They were desperate for someone to understand their needs as parents, and their unique childcare requirements.

Whilst still on my maternity break, I had an epiphany. I had to solve my problem using the skills I own - technology and leadership.

When Kiara slept or enjoyed the company of her wonderful nanny, I reflected upon my parenting challenges, and the troubles all parents like me were facing. I put all my hats on - a mother, a business leader, a techie, a strategist, an innovator - to design a solution that empowers parents by making trusted, affordable childcare, easily available for all.

It was clear to me that the highest levels of ‘Trust’ had to be embedded in every step for this to work.

This is how Tllid was born. Tllid, pronounced as Tillid, means trust in Danish.

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