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Behaviour management for children

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

In this video, we talk to Dr Indrajit Fathesingh Thopte Consultant Paediatrician in York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Jan Dubiel, one of the ten most influential people in British Education and Early Childhood Education, Director of Early Years at AISL Harrow International Schools and Bilingual Kindergartens.

In this webinar, we explored strategies on how to best deal with challenging child behaviour, the importance of understanding and managing a child's behaviour and how it impacts learning. Our panel spoke about the importance of having self-awareness as parents and recognising feelings and knowing how to manage them. They also shed light on how this impacts child’s learning and development.

Listen in to this insightful webinar full of tips and advice on how to manage a child’s behaviour and the role of parents in doing so.

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