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Tllid at The Great British Nanny Conference 2021

Tllid were proud sponsors of The Great British Nanny Conference 2021 organised by UK Nanny, the only CPD Professional Nanny conference in the world!

This outstanding event was hosted at the Hilton London Kensington – a perfect venue in Central London! It was well received and about 40 nannies were in attendance – a great turnout, for what was a gloomy and wet day outside.

The event started with a session on self-defence delivered by the Metropolitan Police. Haz, a Metropolitan Police Officer, and Special Constable Hristina, showed some neat self-defence moves and tricks that focused on managing unsafe situations on the streets. Whilst the session was for the nannies, Team Tllid also benefited greatly from this session – after all, anyone could need these skills in current times!

Right after this, Team Tllid got an opportunity to talk to the nannies attending the event about the product we are building, and how it is focused on making nannies’ lives better. Comparisons to agencies and online “communities” were being drawn and we were very happy to have the opportunity to clarify that we’re NOT AN AGENCY!

In addition, whilst there may be some comparisons to existing websites, what we’re building is much more enhanced (hopefully!). The reception was fantastic, with a lot of nannies commending our efforts, sharing positive comments, as well as some feedback on how we could improve our product! That’s exactly what we wanted from this conversation.

The next session was a captivating one!

Claire Burgess, Director of Bespoke Family, spoke eloquently about why childcare professionals and early years educators need to focus on boys, their behaviours and their mental health. The statistics, data points and insights offered were incredibly informative, and I am certain that all the nannies, as well as Team Tllid, learnt quite a bit.

At this point, some might’ve been wondering if it could get any better! And it did.

Cheryl Bedding, Director of Early Years Collective, shared her personal story as well as professional wisdom, of how to provide stability and structure for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in an unstructured, unpredictable world. Parts of what she shared were so moving that some participants were left teary-eyed. Phew! What a session!

NannyTax, one of the other sponsors for the event, shared some insight into the things they’re working on to enhance their proposition for the nannies. Again, something incredibly useful and handy.

This wasn’t all the learning that nannies got from the day.

Emma Dewey, Founder of Babyem Business Academy ran a masterclass on how to stand out online as a professional nanny. She spoke about using the 3Vs – Vision, Value and Voice strategically to ensure that nannies got to the right clientele. She even made the nannies practice what they’re learning. An important and timely session, especially given the post-pandemic world has accelerated the need to use social media to network and engage with people.

Finally, as if to underscore the times we’re living in, a remote session (Zoom, of course!) was delivered by the exceptional Esther Maagdenberg, Founder of We Nurture. She spoke to the nannies about how they can collaborate with parents to deliver the best value for the most precious person in the equation – this child in their charge!

A huge congratulations to Helen and her team at UK Nanny, for investing in the growth and professional development of nannies. These superheroes hold the future of our world in their hands, literally!

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